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Monday, March 29, 2010


Art by Michael Wurl copyright 2007

Hi, everyone!

Just taking a moment to catch up,
and I'll start posting regularly real soon.

In the meantime, I am required by law (Apocolyte's Law)
to remind everyone to stop over at my new art blog,

The Art Of Michael Wurl

and say hi to me.
 It's real lonely over there,
almost lonelier than being stuck out here
at the End Of Time!

So stop on by, leave some nice comments,
click on that little 'Follow' button thingy,
and if you get there early, I'll have doughnuts waiting.
With sprinkles and without sprinkles.
Unless you get there late,
in that case, you'll only find
and no doughnuts.

I'll be waiting for you!

...and I'm wearing pants,
so there won't be any embarrassing encounters,
like the last time...
...sorry about poking your eye...


  1. I feel an overwhelming urge to say HI

  2. Back atcha, KW!
    Thanks for actually stopping over at my art blog!

    I have a ton of dougfhnuts left, just waiting for the rest of ya...
    ...stale doughnuts are still doughnuts...