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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Friends and readers,
I have managed to survive the last two years after losing my job of the previous 7 years
due to health reasons, surgeries, and insurance battles. Besides myself, I'm doing everything I can for my
father who has been dying slowly for the last three years. 

In the midst of all my troubles, I began blogging about one of my favorite subjects: Comic books.
I haven't always been puntual, but I have managed to post several times and I hope to continue.
I hope someone out there has enjoyed a post or two on my blogs.

I presently keep 4 blogs going online:

where I hope to drum up work using my artistic gifts

where I present black and white comic art classics and more

where I present comic stories and history in color

and this blog, which was my first.

My original intent for this blog was to be a mixture of issues and personal social commentary.
Since I already have avenue for comic related topics, I am in the process of altering the purpose of this blog to fit more into the original intent.

While there are serious issues facing many people right now, both in the USA and around the world, I have always had a sense of humor about life, and I hope to keep some of that humor here if possible. I hope you'll stay with me as I transition this blog. Some issues may be close to your heart, and some may be deeply close to mine.

As long as I am able to, I hope to continue blogging, and as I talk about current events or social issues, I hope you will feel free to comment with your own opinion,
therefore adding to the discussion.

I know I am not alone in my troubles. There are many people suffering setbacks in one form or another these days. Here in the USA we have a tendency to take for granted many of the wonderful blessings we do enjoy here. It is easy to get caught up in ourselves, and forget how great we do have it here.

The old axiom is true.
You don't know what you have until it's gone.
Be thankful for what you have today.
Tomorrow is another day, and none of us can see clearly what is facing us just around the next corner.

So treat each other with respect.
Take time to assess your life, slow down and think a bit more.
Take a moment and call the people in your life that you've been too busy to find time for.
Because life isn't about making sure you have the latest smart phone, what you wear, or even how much sex you get.

It's about people, pure and simple.
Really, that's all we have.

Each other.



  1. back in October, on another blog, I wrote. . .

    " I don't go around actively seeking out things that will annoy me. They just seem to find me. I wonder, sometimes, if maybe I just get wound up by things too easily. A show of bad manners, for instance. Maybe the wanker isn't a wanker, after all. Maybe it's not the wanker's fault. Maybe the wanker just doesn't know any better. Maybe, I should be cutting the wanker some slack.

    Things never used to wind me up. I was happy. And not happy in that crazy fucked-up too-much-tofu tie-dyed kind of way, no. I truly believed that you could change the world by being nice to people. And being nice came easy to me.

    & then, an idea occured to me, the idea that maybe people don't want you to be nice to them, maybe they just want you to fuck off and leave them alone. Maybe it scares them when you tell them that it's okay.

    See, if it doesn't come with a name sewn into it, if it can't be sorted by changing the batteries, or thumping it, they don't want to know. They can't know. Because, if they see it for what it is, then they would have to understand that this thing's worth is not measured, you can't fly this thing from a flagpole, this thing is not defined by how many people go oooh when you walk in the pub wearing it, you can't buy out, or buy your way out of, this thing, you can't ding this thing, you can't fuck this thing, this thing is not your thing, or my thing.

    And that would mean that everything they have ever been taught to believe, everything they ever cherished or held up to be self-evident, everything they have ever clung to as real or right, everything is wrong. "

    so, Amen, brother. you look after yourself, and you look after your own. the world keeps turning, and we'll all keep checking back in. take your time.

    peace, and love, to you, friend.


  2. Well put. Thank you, Joe.
    Right back at you, friend.