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Saturday, January 29, 2011

UNREST IN EGYPT - Government Shuts Down Internet and Cellphones

You heard right.

The Egyptian government wants to stifle and oppress any opposition to their apparently unpopular policies...
Everyday people, citizens, working class folks who may love their country but disagree with the government.

Think it can't happen here?

Think again, my friends!

One day soon, Big Brother in charge here will

flip the switch,

and all the things you take for granted will screech to a halt.

When that happens, you won't be able to call your friends, or family,
and you won't be able to email anyone either,
or check online for the truth.

All you'll know then is
If you believe everything they tell you, then you'll be happy.

and start looking for the truth while you still can.

I'll be here as long as I can,
until they stifle my free speech,
or hack me again,
or make it look like I died in a car wreck.

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  1. Who knows? Maybe it could be good! I think maybe if i didn't have the internet for a while I'd be encouraged to get up off my butt and go do something outside., who am I fooling? I'd probably still just sit.

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  3. Indeed, there was repeatedly talk, beginning under the 11th Congress and under the Obama Administration, about giving the President an Internet kill-switch. (A, B)

    Libercons (libertarian conservatives) are of course altogether appalled by the idea; but the rest of the conservatives simply fear that they may become the targets of censorship. Somehow give them assurances that only a right-wing President could use the power, and they'd be comfortable with it.

    Those who now-a-days typically call themselves “liberals” would have been outraged had the idea come from the Bush Administration, but they draw their inspiration from FDR, rather than from Jefferson or from Mason or from Locke. The idea has come from within their camp, exactly because they have been frustrated with the main-stream media being by-passed in ways that have under-mined “progressive” programmes and politicians.

    But the Egyptian regime, in throwing their own kill-switch, has given everyone a rather plain illustration of why one would actually be used.

    Unfortunately, when the Egyptian regime none-the-less falls (as it almost surely will), there will be folk who claim that this proves that, even in the worst case, a 'Net kill-switch is not so dire a thing. The costs of that shut-down, including greater levels of casualities amongst the people of Egypt (who will be less able to coördinate their rebellion) will be discounted or altogether ignored.

  4. What the Egyptian government did is unthinkable. They wanted to prevent everything from turning out against them but they have made things worst. This time, Mubarak can no longer ask for the people's trust for he has totally shown his wicked side. Hope that this does not happen to America.

  5. As I write this comment/rebuttal, the once relatively peaceful cries for change of the Egyptian people have been encountering growing deadly force from the Mubarak regime. All foreign press have been attacked and labeled as the 'instigators of unrest' by the government forces, and have been essentially ordered to and threatened to leave, many have been violently attacked. The video feeds have stopped. It is obvious Mubarak's forces are stifling any free speech and outside reporting, in attempts to control the populace and crush all resistance. It has been reported that several poor and starving Egyptian people have been paid(i.e. "you want to feed your kids?...then fight against the anti-Mubarak revolutionaries") by pro-Mubarak forces to join the fight against the average person seeking a new more democratic government. For supporters of the US and Israel,and for Egyptian citizens, this is a volatile and dangerous situation. All praying people need to watch and pray. The Egyptian people are crying for relief and change, and the current regime isn't ready to do that. Whoever ultimately ends up in power in Egypt will affect the rest of the region, and by result, the entire world as we know it.