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Monday, January 18, 2010

DANIEL THE SPANIEL - Funny Animal Comics From Animator Bob Wickersham

World War Two had finally ended, and it was okay to laugh again.
Soldiers were returning home, the 'baby boom' was about to go BOOM, baby!
America needed a good Giggle or Haha, which incidentally were the names of two comics produced by ACG at that time.

Today's story originally appeared in HA HA COMICS #31, 1946.
It's a cute little story about a happy little dog named Daniel (the Spaniel) and what he encounters when a family of Robins move into the tree in his yard.
DANIEL THE SPANIEL was written by Jack Cosgriff and drawn by Bob Wick (Wickersham), two names that are probably better known in the field of animation. Cosgriff had written for the very first Woody Woodpecker cartoon, as well as The Fox and The Crow short, 'Woodsman, Spare That Tree!' that was directed by his buddy, Bob Wickersham. You can find more about Cosgriff here, and some good information on Wickersham here, here, and especially here.

It makes sense in retrospect that animators would excel in the field of comic books. Here, both the story and the art work together to create the distinct personalities of each character. As of this posting, according to GCD this was the first comic book art for Wickersham (of course GCD's records are far from complete). I will be looking out for more stories by Bob Wick and company.

After the comic is another special treat just for you!
But you have to read the comic first!


Directed by Bob Wickersham
Written by Jack Cosgriff


  1. Man... I want to draw trees like Mr. Wick ! His art is truly organic, with gestures you can really sink your teeth into. The links you posted took me down quite a wondrous rabbit hole ! Now, to watch that cartoon I haven't seen since I was a raucous teen...

  2. Apocolyte: Very nice to see some of Wick's work! When I noticed the Ha-Ha cover, I just assumed we were in for some Dan Gordon. Not that that would have been a bad thing, but it's nice to see another ACG guy get some play! Lysdexicuss has choosen the perfect word: Organic. Those panels where the baby robins are playing in the waterdish are so fine. Can't you just feel the splash happening for Daniel? And the next panel, where the baby birds are shaking and wallowin in the puddle in sheer bliss - perfecto-mundo! You can never go wrong with Ha-Ha, that's for sure. Great Post and thanks. -- Mykal

  3. Thanks for the nice words, fellows.
    I've been doing a little digging and found some more cool Bob Wick comics (as well as some awesome Dan Gordon as well, Mykal) that I am keen to post real soon. The more I see of their work, the more I love it.

  4. those birds who want worms are looking into the wrong end of that dog when they look in his ear.

  5. HA!
    I was thinkin' a similar thought.
    Talking to a dog about wanting worms is like going to the doctor and he asks you if you'd like some cancer!
    "How about a parasite? There all the rage in my latest medical journals!"

  6. The best part about the story is it came from real life. That was my dogs name and my father that told the story.

    D Wick

    1. D Wick,

      Whoops, I missed your comment! Sorry for the delayed response!

      Thank you for the personal insight into this comic story! That's very cool! Like many, I am a big fan of your father's talent and ability! I hope you are able to stop by agian, here or at my new blogs,


      I'm so glad you saw this post and were able to comment on it! Again, I apologize for my delayed response!
      Thank you! All the best!