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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FULFILLMENT - The Mystery Revealed

Last post I theorized a possible story from analyzing the cover of INCREDIBLE SCIENCE FICTION # 31, from EC Comics, 1955. Upon re-reading the story, I believe I may have jumped to my humorous conclusions a bit hastily. There is more going on here than meets the eye in that fascinating Jack Davis cover. Two readers also offered their own ingenius interpretations, leaving no other recourse but to post the original story and see how we compare. Fortunately, there are only winners here.

Written by Jack Oleck, and drawn by Bernie Krigstein, here is

"Ra, Ra, Ra!!"


  1. Aw, heck! All three of us were THIS close to doping out the scene on the cover.

    Your scenario was probably the most accurate, since it entailed a miserable husband eager to bump off his battle axe of a wife.

    But one mystery remains: what happened to the husband's full head of red hair between the cover and the second page?

    I have a working theory, but posting it would take up too much bandwidth.

  2. Ha! My theory is that he was bald the whole time...that was his pet ferret 'Stinky" curled up on his head after his morning constitutional.