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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You may not agree with me,
but I was really expecting a new Keystone Beer commercial featuring Keith Stone.
I found most of this years Superbowl commercials lackluster and forgettable.
I can't help smiling at these previous Keystone commercials...
will we ever see Keith Stone again?

You may not agree, but I hope so.

"Hold my stones!"


"My name? Keith Stone!"


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  2. i REALLY enjoyed your blog and its great to see others with interests like myself, your wake up to the sheep of this country is a real valid point since most americans struggle with buying food but for some reason cellphones get cheaper and easier to obtain, can they liosten in to a room without you knowing yes can they track your where abouts every minute of the day?yes look at the i phone a built in battery ensures power can be had at all times and many electronic ads claim they can get you to listen in on a spouses phone by calling you and starting a threeway conversation except they cannot hear you nor does your phone betray a hint of something amiss, also you can follow a person even when there phone is off just one little tweak or program downloaded to the target phone. food for thought! i have two blogs One entitled "THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION" it exposes police brutality and NYCs cctv project the new right to invade our lives in the name of homeland security, plus the atrocities of atomic testing and the lies they pushed on america,my second "FALLOUTSHELTERNYC' is a Atomic age history of the nuclear weapons that defended american cities NYC in this case and the cold war history of the eastern suburbs on long island Ny, the secrets hidden and not known plus atomic propaganda via civil defense and very rare USAF declassified training films on post nuclear attack operations and the usual aec nevada test footage declassified, i would love to use your CONVAIR advert with credit to you and your blog,hope to hear back from you.
    i do not recall if blogger is before the name or not
    please feel free to take a look.
    Cheers - FS6

  3. fallout_shelter_6,

    Thanks for the comment. Feel free to use the Convair ad, I found it somewhere usage under US Code: Title 17, Section 107.

    The majority of citizens in the USA are blind to the truth around them, in that we now have shadowy agencies able to legally surveille our every move via the internet, land-lines cellphones, email, and every other possible medium. Did you email a friend to express that you disagree with the POTUS? Well, you are now on a list somewhere in your local Fusion Center. Do you talk to family on your phone about the founding fathers and the Constitution of the USA? Well, now you are on a watch-list as a potentially dangerous radical. We do need a wake-up call before the armed troops march into your neighborhood to enforce curfew, or round up the radical 'subversive' elements who don't fall in lockstep with the growing shadow fascist movement. If you speak of anything remotely sounding like you're not 100% supportive of the government and it's policies, you are now considered an enemy of the state. Be careful. But stand up for the truth.