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Friday, March 12, 2010


Comic blogger and artist Lysdexicuss created a hilarious image combining two of the most hideaous super-hero costumes featured so far in the Battle Of The Bad Costumes, and, well, I just had to reply with my own dastardly, bastardly creation! Utilizing the two remaining hideous super-hero costumes, may I introduce to you,
 The "Blech" Condor-Soldier!

While I'm here, I might as well inform you of my latest blog,

which features cartoons, comics, and other art projects done by my some-time alter-ego.
Drop by sometime for some sweet art, and more than an occasional chuckle! I'll be waiting for you in front of the blog, wearing a red rose (as well as a red nose) so you'll know me...

In the meantime, I am busy gearing up for Round # 3 of our Battle Of The Bad Costumes, coming very soon! Thanks for all your votes and comments, and if you haven't weighed in yet, please do vote by leaving a comment.
 Thanks, bad costume watchers!


  1. That is too funny~! I wish I'd spent more time now on the actual drawing and lettering of the Red Wanna Beest. I literally whipped out while sitting on the crapper~! (where most inspired thoughts originate).

    The stubble-legs on 'Blecch' Condor Soldier give him that pinch of masculinity he really needs~!

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  3. Lysdexicuss,
    Thanks for the compliment,
    and the wonderful crapper imagery.
    As for the drawing, I took great pains to fashion the very outfit in question, and ulimately wore it myself while drawing and looking in the mirror simultaneously.

    While I refrain from commenting on functionality, from a comfort standpoint I must say it really lets the nether regions breathe.

    No, I thank you for the spamalicious nonsense that has nothing whatsoever to do with this blog. Your sentence regarding service not sense make much.

    Thanks for buying my waffles!