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Sunday, March 7, 2010


THIS JUST IN...Breaking Story...

Beepity beep beep beep beepity beep beep beepity beep beep bip bip blah...

Hey, gang!
Just taking a minute to remind everyone that hasn't voted in my Battle Of The Bad Costumes to take a minute and drop your vote in the comment sections below...polls are still open, and I've received many hilarious comments from readers. Looking forward to hearing from you, too! Vote now!

Now I have a real treat to share with you.
One of today's best comic bloggers is also a fantastic artist
(hey, kinda like me!).
I'm talking about the man, the myth, the legend,  LYSDEXICUSS, who brings long-lost golden age comics to us daily on his incredible blog, TEN CENT DREAMS.  Besides being an expert on comics related subjects, he is an accomplished artist and a master of many mediums. I was delighted  more than words can say when he revealed to me one of his latest 'projects', as it was inspired by this blog and the Battle Of The Bad Costumes!

Here is his hilarious almagam conglomeration of the worst of the worst costumes so far!
Absolutely fantastic, wouldn't you agree?
(click to enlarge)

More of Lysdexicuss' imaginative and fascinating artwork can be found daily at the link above, his brand new art blog, HUNGRY COMIX. Click on his links here and go show him some o' yer love, won't you?

Thanks,  Lysdexicuss!


(Also, for fans of Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine, head over to APOCOLYTE'S WORLD OF COMICS to enjoy my revealing and exclusive interview with Pappy himself!  There are also several fantastic and seldom seen early comic posts from Pappy's early blogging days on display for your edification and entertainment! You'll love it!)

Now your whole day is planned. See you soon!


  1. oh~my~gosh~! The Red Wanna Beest is my all-time favorite character~! I have adopted his personal policies as my own: 'What happens in Jungle, stays in Jungle', and 'Don't ask don't tell' ! The origin issue, where he kicks that Dewey Decimal B-otches ASS is a classic. He put the Wanna-Beest in my bonnet, and made me wanna-be Jack Nicholson from 'As Good As It Gets'~!

  2. Despite my best memory wracking, I can't think of another costume that matches the Red Bee for sheer stupidity, in every sense of the word. But B'wana Beast does merit second place.

    I have some vague memory of a Captain American knock-off who wore a big white star over his face, but he pales in comparison to your contenders.