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Monday, November 2, 2009


Comic fans and Blog lovers have yet another cool site to link up to and follow  -- 
BLACK 'N' WHITE AND RED ALL OVER! Yes, THE APOCOLYTE can't get enough of scanning his old comics and staring at computer screens everyday, plus it's the cure for my insomnia (did I say cure? I meant cause...). This new blog will feature only the best in Black & White comic art, primarily (about 75%) will be spotlighting the wonderful-errific Warren horror/war magzines, and that's where the RED comes in (pssst... it's all the blood!)...So for the few hapless souls who wandered here by accident  --  go and check it out, won't you? The first 500 visitors will get FREE invisible cotton candy, or an old Barry Manilow LP. So, come on down!! Bring the kids!! Wait...not the whiney one...

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