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Thursday, November 26, 2009

DIGGING MY WAY OUT! - Buried In A Mountain Of Comic Books

For the three or four people who happen to frequent this blog, you may have asked yourself, "Where is this guy? He hasn't posted anything in about a week!"

Even if you don't care, I'm going to tell you.

Last week I went to my basement to find the next comic I wanted to post, and several monstrously tall stacks of comic books came tumbling down at once, leaving me buried! I tried and tried, but I could not extricate myself from underneath the massive pile of Golden Age and Silver Age layers that pressed down upon me. I yelled at the top of my lungs, but my house guest, Dr. Wertham P. Fredricks, is a sound sleeper. I found that I had but one choice if I wanted to survive -- I would have to READ my way out. And read I did. Each comic book that deserved to be scanned and posted was made into a new stack....and here they are! Eventually I managed to get out of my predicament, and I brought with me the stacks of comics that threatened to do me in! I'm back, baby, now take a look at these comics! These stories come from every era, every genre...I can't choose just one! They are all so goooood!

So, for now, in no particular order, here are some fun, cool, interesting, or otherwise awesome comic book stories, starting with "THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THE WORLD!", which could be a story about me (but it isn't), followed by "A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!", which could be about my marriage (but it isn' it?). Both are from 1950's Atlas  - The first story by Robert Q. Sale is from 'Strange Stories Of Suspense'  #13, and the second is from 'Menace' #11, with art by Seymour Moskowitz.



  1. 2nd story~ what a heartbreaker ! I have come very close to swallowing that capsule in my relationships~ but have a lizard fetish.

  2. That lizard fetish gets 'em every time!
    Ha! Yeah, that second story reminds of happening to see your ex, and you notice that they dropped fifty pounds and are looking real good all of a sudden - after you are out of the picture...never understood that phenomena...
    Say, where can I find those capsules?

  3. gad, you have wonderful taste! I've never seen anything like yr blog--it is absolutely unique among comics blogs (which are a large group, amazingly, and to my delight!). You don't post the regulars, no matter how beautifully drawn. Face it, if yr a comics buff, you've prbly already seen all the core Wally Wood/EC material. you offer work that is overlooked--I really had no idea there was that much cool stuff out there! The scales have dropped from my eyes and I have a whole new outlook on comics of the '50s (that does seem to be yr thang). This opens up a brand new area of comics that I had dismissed--thank you very VERY much. I'm digging it!