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Thursday, November 5, 2009

FANGS FOR NUTTIN'!! - Joe Sinnott's "Men With Fangs!"

Hey, Friends!
Whew! -- the week just slipped away from me...but now it's time to get a'postin'!!

-Today's story dedicated to our Master of the Macabre, Karswell over at THOIA, while he recuperates! Fangs for everything, and get well quick!

Joe Sinnott is one of my favorite artist's, not only for his amazing inking over Kirby on 'Fantastic Four' and hundreds (thousands?) of other great comics for Marvel during their 60's rebirth, but becauase of his own wonderful drawing style, as featured primarily in Marvel's Atlas incarnation in the 50's. He was a real master of westerns, war comics, sci-fi, romance (he apparently did tons of anonymous work ghosting for Vinnie Colletta studios in the 60's, duplicating the style!) - he did it ALL wonderfully! Oh, did I mention his HORROR comics? Hee hee!!  How about a sexy dame, a little bondage, and... - Were-Rats?!
From Atlas' SUSPENSE #25, 1952, here is


  1. Sinnott is one of my favorites as well... weird, it almost feels like Bill Ward or Eric Stanton stepped into Joe's drawing room with a few suggestions um, here and there, too dont'cha think?

    And thanks for the deadication too Apocolyte!

  2. Glad you liked the story, Karswell! And as far as Were-Rats go, she WAS pretty sexy! Hey, it's dark in the sewer - (insert your own headlight joke here)- ....

    "deadication" ha! That's good! Wish I had thought of that!

    Thanks, Karswell!
    All the best and a speedy recovery!

  3. What a great Karswell tribute ! Sinnot really went nuts with detail in this one, and his Blonde bombshell rivalls one of Bill Ward or Wally Wood's. I love how the Were-Rats talking in the sewer give us all the backstory we need in two panels (how conveinient). Also, I had a real rat infestation in my trailer this summer- killed seven- one got away. Thanx for helping my nightmares along !

  4. Lysdexicuss- I found those two panels funny, if it seemed staged, well, we know by the end of the story it is a staged scene. Regardless, the 'plot exposition' conversation is priceless - here's one were-rat talking to another -
    "Hey, joe, did you know that we were-rats are rats that can transform into were-rats? Most humans don't know that..."
    "Uh, yeah, I knew that...I'm a were-rat, remember? Sheesh!"
    "Oh...oh yeah. Hey, Joe, did you know that it's too bad that a human can't be turned into a were-rat by the bite unless they wanna...did you know that, huh?"
    "Yes, you schmuck, I know it already, I'm a frickin' WERE-RAT!"
    "Oh...Did you know that the girl is chained in the other room, and if the human wanted to rescue her, now is a good time?"
    "Cripes, Ernie, we just left her in there...I know all this...are you retarded?"

    - plus, sorry about the one that got away -- don't think I wanna know 'how' you killed them! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Apocolyte: Man, was that good! What a amazing concept and very, very unsettling. "It's hard to get a human's consent." I'll bet it is! I didn't see the ending coming, either, which was a nice chill. There is really something rancid and nearly dripping with fear about this artist's work. Everyone seems nearly lit with fear.

    I really love the coloring in this one. That splash panel is just beautiful with that fine line work and cross hatching. It looks nearly like an engaving.

    Great post! -- Mykal

  6. wow! those rat guys are extremely disturbing! ewww! yeech! blagh! pluh!

  7. Ha! Yeah, KW, even rats with big 'racks' are icky...well, kinda...

    Mykal - Thanks for the great comment, and I agree about the colors , etc. in this one - don't always get that in some of the old comics...