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Monday, November 2, 2009

FOR BILL EVERETT LOVERS you know you want it...and you...and you there...and you, too...and you in the mirror over there  --  oh that's me. That's just dandy 'cuz I got me a powerful hankerin' fer some classic Atlas Bill Everett stuff!  It is particularly appropriate since Everett could draw humor as well as horror, and he helps us bridge the gap as we transition from the horrors of Halloween into our heavy-on-the-humor-themed week here at THE BLOG AT THE END OF TIME. From WILD #2 (1954), here is SATAN IS WAITIN'!


  1. awesome, didn't know Everett did funny stuff...

  2. When it came to Atlas' 'MAD'-type comics('Riot', 'Wild', and yes, KW, 'Crazy') Everett always had the best stuff in it(IMO)and his work on any of those comics is right up there on a level comparable the MAD comics. Many people don't know that Everett (along with Atlas buddies Joe Maneely, Russ Heath, Carl Burgos, Sol Brodsky, and of course, John Severin) contributed a lot to a 'new' MAD clone -- CRACKED magazine -- from the first issue on...glad you liked this one, Gents, because when I get my sh*t together, we'll be seeing more of Everett's great humor work in days to come! Please come on back, now, y'hear?