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Wednesday, October 23, 2019



All this faux outrage by the Left and their MSM propaganda advocates over the word "lynching" is both ridiculous and expected at this point.

They are triggered by everything, and if they aren't actually offended, they pretend that they are in order to manipulate the masses. Basically, if they can blame Trump for ANYTHING, they will. No surprise. It's a tactic.

Here's some facts about 'lynching'. While there can be connotations to racism, the act of lynching has not exclusively been tied to racism throughout history. Historically, in the USA, lynchings occurred in 44 states, and out of those 44, 23 states lynched more white people than black people. That's 52% of lynchings being perpetrated on white people.

How racist.

Most of those lynched were accused of murder or attempted murder, or rape/attempted rape. They were hung by lawless, violent mobs who forsook legal recourse, and executed the victim without trial or appeal, based upon little more than hearsay and mob mentality.

The fact is that President Trump used the term metaphorically, clearly, and not literally. His usage is fairly apt considering the relentless efforts to destroy the man by the opposition party. The facts also reveal that the word has been used repeatedly by mostly white politicians for decades in recent times, including chief rival Joe Biden.

Let's get a grip. Stop the ridiculous outrage. If a word "triggers" you, perhaps you need to go through life with earplugs permanently embedded.

And get your facts straight.

Saturday, June 8, 2019



By Michael Wurl

- click image to enlarge -

An opportunity was presented to me in 2014 to collaborate with one of the giants of the comic book industry, Jack Kirby. Well, collaborate isn't quite accurate, seeing as Kirby passed away 20 years prior in 1994. What I did get to do was answer a challenge to ink and color an unused rough cover layout done in pencil by Kirby in 1954.

Who is Jack Kirby, you say? I'll pretend you didn't just ask that...Kirby being legendary in the industry.  But if you had a sheltered life and are unaware, Jack "King" Kirby is co-creator of Golden Age hero Captain America, and practically the architect of the 1960's Silver Age of Marvel Comics, his credits including (co)creating the Fantastic Four, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk, the Avengers, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer, etc., etc... Basically if you've ever seen a Marvel movie, Jack Kirby had a creative hand in most characters popularized today. Kirby's distinctive art became more and more stylized as the years went on, and can be easily recognized once you have seen it.

Captain America #1, 1941
Cover by Jack Kirby 
Some Kirby creations (all except Spider-man) 

In 1954 Jack Kirby (Jacob Kurtzberg) had been working in comics for nearly 20 years. One of the jobs he had was creating a cover for a new comic book called FOXHOLE about soldiers in war combat situations. Here is his initial design for issue number 1, shown below.

- click image to enlarge -

For reasons unknown, that cover was never produced, and Kirby's published version of FOXHOLE #1 is shown below.

Kirby's original cover was never finished...until now.
While I'm not 100% satisfied with my work (I'd like to re-do the water), I did my best to keep all of Kirby's lines and original work intact. I wanted to change many things, like Kirby's double door landing craft (there were such craft in WWII, but most personnel carriers were of the drawbridge variety), but I resisted most desires to change anything by the King of comics. It ended up being more of a daunting challenge than I had first believed, and I have gained a brand new respect for Kirby's art, as well as anyone who ever had the privilege of inking his pencils.

The scene is an amazing action tableau with fantastic depth of field, with figures up close and extending back into the horizon, giving it a wonderful 3D effect. I found one of the biggest challenges was trying to determine what Kirby's thoughts and ideas were for areas of the penciled art that was left fairly loose and vague. Without knowing exactly what his exact concept for these rough and loose areas, I had to do my best to interpret what I could.

The work was both a joy and a challenge.

It was a joy in that it was art from comics legend Jack Kirby. I mean, what comic fan wouldn't want to be associated with the "King"?

It was a challenge for several reasons. One reason, the art as I received it from the website was only 72 dpi and not particularly large in size. I would have preferred 300 dpi and then I could reduce as needed without losing details. Having to enlarge 72 dpi  to ink doesn't make it easier.

Another challenge was that Kirby pencil layout was relatively rough, that is, not excessively detailed in any way, and rather vague in certain spots. Without the benefit of being able to ask Mr. Kirby what he originally intended for these unclear areas necessitated  some creative interpretation, as well as attempted trans-time warp psychic thought exchange. Yet, try as I might, I just couldn't read Jack Kirby's mind, after all. 

What I wanted to achieve was to be as true to Kirby's lines as possible, to bring forth that which he originally envisioned as best as I could, without changing anything, as much as I might feel like it.

I finished inking it and put it aside until I felt like returning to add color. I had intended to add flourish lines and details to the inks (Kirby's drawing style had changed from the 50's to the 60's, his most remembered period), but I determined that the simple bold lines would suffice, as I didn't want to risk f@*#ing it up accidentally by adding too much. As I looked at the inked page I noticed one thing: the left side of the image seemed to be missing something.

Here is the inked version before alterations...

First inked version, before alterations

2nd inked version, after alterations

This was a depiction of a beach landing, yet the only craft visible was the lone landing craft (with ship behind it). Where were the other ships? These guys couldn't accomplish much success  alone. So after looking at a similar Kirby cover done about 10 years after this one, I saw what I needed to do.

Kirby cover art for Sgt. Fury #3, 1963 (inked by Steve Ditko, Spider-Man co-creator)

Like Kirby did in this SGT. FURY cover, I needed to add at least a couple of battleships to that empty sea. Also, I re-checked Kirby's pencils and noticed I had omitted  a couple of shots of the strafing gunfire beyond the prone soldiers legs. So, I added that in as well. Now, it was ready to color.

I feel it turned out pretty good. I'm pleased with it, for what it is.
Here again is the original Jack Kirby rough pencil cover art, and my subsequent inks and then colors on top of it.

Click images to enlarge.

Jack Kirby's unused cover art for FOXHOLE #1, 1954

Kirby's cover inked by me after revisions

Kirby's FOXHOLE #1 unused cover art, inked and colored, finished

A closer look at some details:

- before revisions - 

- after revisions -

With added battleships, and added gunfire (also added boot lacings), the scene became more balanced design-wise.

The main characters...close-up.

Kirby's main character - his face says, "What the hell am I doing here?!"

Kirby's soldier #2 - "Look out! Get down!!"

Kirby soldier #3 - too late, the enemy shelling has done it's dirty work, and this soldier has made the ultimate sacrifice.

This "Day At The Beach" is no fun at all - dead soldiers cover the shoreline.


Thank you, Jack Kirby.
Thank you, greatest generation American soldiers of WW2 and D-Day.
God bless those who serve and fight for our freedoms.

God bless America!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019



By Michael Wurl

After two years, Mueller finally speaks...
Hey, chipmunk cheeks, shut up already.

Like his 8-foot tall buddy, disgraced fired leaker and propaganda smearist James Comey, this duplicitous schmeckle presents himself as the picture of integrity, yet in reality he spent two years and $30 million on a known wild goose chase designed to harm the Democrats prime target, president Trump.

Giant-sized seditionist James Comey, proclaiming his virtue and smearing the opposition, re:Trump, Barr, and anyone who attempts to uncover the illegal crimes he and his associates were involved in during their attempted coup of the duly elected President of the United States.

As our justice system provides, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, that is, unless you are Donald J. Trump. In that case you are presumed guilty and slandered on every left-wing MSM broadcast, and from every dishonest and unethical Democrat podium.

This presumptuous schmuck has the gall to continue muddying the political waters, stating (with clear biased disdain for the president) that the special counsel was unable to rule out that Trump did not commit a crime...! THAT'S NOT HOW THE US JUSTICE SYSTEM WORKS!!
If you didn't recommend charges, then he's innocent. That's how it works here in America.

Keep in mind, after two years investigating "Russian collusion"(good Lord, who ever believed that?), Mueller charged NOT ONE SINGLE AMERICAN!! Mueller is a Trump-hating participant in the continuing attempted coup, first extending the illegally predicated false investigation past the mid-terms to smear Trump, then spewing this legalese gobbledygook statement in order to spur the incredibly TDS-affected House of Representatives to move on impeachment.

Impeachment?! Ha!! For what crime?? Mueller indicted NO ONE, not one single American, and the report stated clearly, i.e. NO COLLUSION (not an actual crime BTW), therefore NO CRIME TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE regarding! Am I the only one who sees this and can't believe America is still beguiled by this completely irrational nonsense?!

Most Americans have known there was no Russian collusion for TWO YEARS already. Get over it, your (Democrat) false obsession has all but destroyed our country, and the left-wing media propagandists who propagate the Democrat talking points and push the continuing smear and lies against this president aren't fooling anybody but the most gullible leftist thralls who are wearing blinders.

This is the continuing Trump Derangement Hatefest, what a waste of time and money by the Democrats and their MSM propaganda wing, while accomplishing NOTHING ELSE!

Russians haven't undermined our way of life, the sore-loser Democrats/MSM have. 
Good Lord.
What a bunch of pathetic shitheads.

Saturday, May 4, 2019



By Michael Wurl

CNN is awful.

Don Lemon is just one reason such a claim can be validated, being just one of the horrible personalities that CNN employs ('Personality' - that's the kindest way I can describe him). About 6 months ago Lemon hypocritically said, "We have to stop demonizing people..." and then proceeded to demonize people... "...and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men."

Invariably exhibiting some self-proclaimed superiority over any guest or topic that challenges his own narrow leftist ideology, Lemon's outrageous racist statement that "the biggest terror threat to this country is white men" continued, (ignoring completely any radical Islamic terror) as he falsely alleges that "...most of them (white male terrorists) (are) radicalized to the right...", but then Lemon offers his solution to his preposterous delusion dilemma, "...and we have to start doing something about them", suggesting travel bans on white males! The majority of the United States is white, comprising well over 60% of the population, but Lemon is happy to impose unwarranted restrictions upon 100 million innocent white males because of recent shootings by less than .0000001% of white men. 

CNN's Don Lemon, who in one breath hypocritically stated that we need to stop demonizing people and immediately demonized white men, knows a little bit about white men...he is engaged to one. 

Unaware of his own racist hypocrisy, Lemon uses no logic or reason, just his own leftist emotional outrage to make what he believes are argumentative points. Here (watch short video below) he interrupts a guest who just began speaking, apparently because he was "triggered".

Don Lemon named "Worst Journalist Of The Year" by Columbia Journalism Review.

CNN's ratings have recently plummeted since their two-year long propaganda narrative about 'Russian collusion' has been proven false by the Mueller report, even when prior their ratings were already dwindling compared to the FOX News network. The reasons CNN's ratings continue to fall? Being exposed as biased propagandists for the Democrat party may be a big factor, being caught in the biggest lie perpetuated by a "trusted news" source upon the public may be another, but mainly it's because of their dish-water bland and emotionally stunted 'personalities' like Lemon who have lost favor with their core audience. Watch the clip and judge for yourself. 

Pathetic and childish behavior, indeed.

Friday, May 3, 2019



By Michael Wurl

Any American citizen who still gullibly swallows the partisan political propaganda spewed from the frothing lips of Democrats/MSM is either completely unhinged by their own TDS, or too foolish to know or care about the difference between fact and fiction, and is therefore unreachable.

For the last 3 years now, CNN, MSNBC, and their fellow left-wing media associates, along with every single politician with a (D) next to their name, participated in their own echo-chamber of political masturbation, inventing and circulating stories about Russian collusion and treason, promising you that when Robert Mueller's report came out, the (falsely)alleged white nationalist president would be indicted, impeached, and removed from power so that the rightful Queen of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton, could then be coronated as was originally intended by the founding fathers and every single American who wasn't a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobe, etc etc etc...

Well, guess what? They've been lying to you! That's right, they've been forcing the Democrat talking point propaganda down your throats for 3 years! And it's all been made up! And now that the Mueller report has finally been revealed, and no charges, repeat, no criminal charges, no indictments were recommended by Mueller, the left-wing media is left in a panic, trying to figure out how to salvage their reputations and to keep your brainwashed viewership. If you are not "WOKE" by now, you never will be! Are you still swallowing their propaganda?! You might as well be eating garbage, because that's what they've been feeding you. They will say anything, do anything, promise anything to get your vote. Why? Power. Power over you, me and everyone. At all costs, even the destruction of all we hold dear, the American dream.

If you don't agree with them, then clearly you are a racist. That's what they say. Who are you to argue with them?

They wouldn't lie to you...would they??

Thursday, May 2, 2019

SUBLIMINAL SEXUALITY - A Psycho-Over-Analysis pt.1, by Dr. Wertham P. Fredrics


An Interview With Comic Book Historian
Dr. Wertham P. Fredrics

By Michael Wurl

Lady's and gentlemen, this website has been temporarily taken over by a representative of the advocates for the censorship of the creative arts and free speech (for our own good, he adds), a founding member of the Comics Code Authoritarians SocietyDr. Wertham P. Fredrics.

While I personally believe that censorship is bad, I have allowed Dr. Fredrics this temporary platform so that he can enlighten us more on his views about comics.
-click on images to see full size-

(In Red Type) MICHAEL WURL"The Blog At The End Of Time would like to welcome repressionist hypocrite Dr. Wertham Fredrics."

(In Blue Type) DR. WERTHAM P. FREDRICS: "Zis is a terrible place...vot are you tryink to do here anyvay, mit all der comics and all dat schtuff dere, huh, anyvay?"

"It's sometimes a comics blog...people like to read comics --"

"COMICS ISS BAD FOR YOU!! NO GOOD!! Bad boy! Bad boy!"

"Please stop hitting me with that rolled up comic book!"

"Ooops! Hehe...old habits...Comics is schmut! Depraved, mind-warping filth! Und I can prove it!"

" Oh, you can, huh? Didn't you guys do enough damage  in the 50's with all your censorship? What good did that accomplish?"

"You're right, ve didn't censor enough to get ze job done back then! Ve need to suppress all der naughty bits so people don't want to have sex or injure their eyeballs anymore! Supress! Repress! Censor!"

"Calm down! Now you said something about proving..."

"Dat's right! Go und grab a schtack of comics und come back, und den ve'll talk! Go! Go get them!"

"Alright! Here! I grabbed a stack of old Atlas MISS AMERICA comics from the late 40's/early 50's...there's nothing more wholesome than these, Doc!"

"You think zo, eh? Ve'll see! Ve'll see!! Now, go turn off der lights und show der first shlide, already!"

"These aren't, slides, they're comic books! Here's the first comic cover - "

"What can you tell us, Doc?"

"Vell, like I said, it's SCHMUT!! Here ve have a young girl daydreaming about her naughty sexual fantasy!"

"What?...there's no sex going on here...!"

"Tsk, tsk...und you looked like such a schmart boy! Take a closer look, beneath the surface! For 1948, dis iss a sexual fantasy! Here, let me tell you vot's goink on ...zis girl is schtanding dere und hoping to attract a man, so she iss dressed (in her mind) in ze ultimate outfit...ze four flowers on her dress, as buttons  represent the four bases in baseball, und in zex! One must schtart at first base und go one by one until he reaches his goal - home plate! Yah! Home run! I remember one time I vas on third base und - "

"Doc! The comic, please!"

"Yah!...she vears der white gloves, which sybolize her purity, her virginity. In the 40's und 50's all young women of high morals wore white gloves...any girl who didn't was rightly labelled as a slut!...In her hands iss her purse, filled with all a girl's tools for attracting und seducing a man -"

"Excuse me, Doc! What did you say about white gloves? My Mom grew up in the 40's and 50's, and she didn't wear white gloves..."

"AACH! Heehee! See vot I mean?! You said it, not me! So you're momma was a sleazy trollop?"

"What? No! Will you please just explain the comic?!"

"Yah, yah! Look at the scene...she stands waiting for a stranger to notice her, she doesn't know zis man...he comes up and iss checking her out like a hungry wolf eyeing a steak...why,  it resembles a hooker schtanding on der corner...the drooling man vants to tear through her bases und rip off her white's a wonder he doesn't, the way she's dressed like that, practically asking for it...there was this one time in Belgium when I -"

"Great, Doc!...nice psychoanalysis! Let's look at some more..."


"What about this one, Doc?"

"Yah, Zis one is very subtle also, like ze last one. Ze merry-go-round symbolizes life, mit der endless repetition and tedium. In life ze man (in zis cover) follows ze women blindly...he does not even know what the heck he's doing there, look at him! Now look at ze woman...remember ze white gloves? ...zis young lady is chaste, und her body language supports this (her legs appear super-glued together). She won't give away the goods without one thing...look at her face! Zis gal is focused on one thing only -- a ring. Is that a wedding ring? Symbolically, is a ring of control, soon to be used to lead her husband around through the nose...or in zis day und age, through the man's cockadoodle-dingdonger..."

"That sounds pretty unpleasant, Doc!"

"Oh, it is! One time, when Mrs. Fredrics und I -"

"Great! Here's another cover!"


"What's your psychoanalysis on this one, Doctor?"

"Hmmmm...I can't see any sexuality on zis cover!"


"Ha!! Of course not! Zis comic cover reeks of the stench of stinky, filthy sex!! Look at it! Do I really need to explain what the ice cream cone symbolizes? Yeeesh!! As I recall, 1946 brought two new 'inventions' to the teens of the day, and they are both depicted on this cover!"

"The bucket and the safety cone?"

"Ha! No, the invention of ze TEASE, followed quickly by ze BLUEBALLS! Teens have been enjoying both ever since! Look at that poor guys face! Und she knows what she's doing! He is helpless to do anything but watch, as his 'shovel' (hehe, you know vot zat symbolizes, yah?) is schticking straight out of the sand! It's all about power und control in zese covers, ya! Some are subtle, und some are not!"

"You know, I think I kinda see it in that one is another one..."


"Go, Doc!"

"Okay! Here ve have a blatant depiction of a man und a voman making ze sex, ze voopee!"

"What? Come on, Doc! They are just looking at each other!...Aren't they?"

"Tsk...look at the two faces, so close, touching at parts, rubbing at other for ze sexually repressed males of ze 50's we haff learned a little trick of turning ze magazine zis..."

"Und zere you haf it! Naughty, naughty! Now do you see it? know, sometimes I like to turn it zis way..."

"Hmmm...very interesting, Doc. Let's look at another one!"

"Next shlide!..."


"Oh my gracious goodness! Now ve are haffing fun, yah? Zis is a good example of der hidden , I show you...Now, for ze young girl reader, zis is an innocent picture - 'oh, she fall down inna snow, how sweet!', not so sweet! For ze male reader, there is a little more going on here; an attractive, worldly-wise woman stares seductively at you as she splays her legs brazenly, in a 'ready-to-be-mounted' position. As she rests her chin on her fist in an 'I'm waiting for you' pose, her expression says it all. Zis woman is a sleazy little tramp who is after one thing - you! Even ze bulky snowsuit und freezing snow can't disguise the heat zat's comink off of zis one. And you realize - you vant her, too! Ahh! But vait! It's a TRAP!! Too late, you are already swooping in to make vild, passionate luff to her and  -SKLITCH!! looks like you just accidently skewered your manhood on that PROTRUDING SKI POLE!! OUCH!! Zat has got to HURT!"

"Wow! Much as I hate to admit it, Doc, this was kinda fun! Can you stick around and do this again sometime? Where can I reach you for the next one?"

"Vell you know I am alvays on the lookout for schmut to schtamp out, so you can find me lurking in dark alleyways und public restrooms alot... und you know you can alvays twitter me..."

"Awesome, Doc. Stick around, I have more comics I want your opinion on. A little bit later."

"Ya, here's my opinion: Comics is BAD for you! Don't be lookink at them until later when we look at more comics, I'm a Comics Code Authoritarian, I'll tell you what's what, boyee!"

"Thanks, Doc. Go sleep it off until I need you, okay?"

"Hold me...chust HOLD ME until I fall asleep, ya? Fighting for decency gives a person ...special needs..."

"Sure, Doc! We'll just check back on you later..."


We hope you enjoyed PART ONE! Come back for PART TWO when Dr. Wertham P. Fredrics wakes up from his nap...Thanks for stopping by!

If you enjoy the Doc's comic book analysis, you may want to check out his web page, linked here...

(Some of Doc's commentary may be unsuitable for those under 18 -
please, adults only)