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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

MSM News Silent About Whether Suspect Had A Gun 

More Rioting Tacitly Encouraged

By Snorch McGillicuddy

Known felon Jake Blake defies police and heads to vehicle, opens door and reaches in before police open fire in the latest hyped up riot fuel event in Kenosha, WI.


I am not a racist.
I am saddened by anyone's death.
I still have a question about the latest
"Black Man Shot By Cops In Back As He Walks To Car And Opens Door" scenario playing out...
Q: Was there a gun found in the car?

That is THE ONLY QUESTION that matters to me.

Yo! Hello!? Dude was a criminal resisting cops!
For the sake of sanity, take a breath.

I am tired of people rioting when black criminals resist cops and end up being harmed. It was their own fault. WE HAVE LAWS!!

White! Black! Brown! Yellow! Blue! Green! Purple!
I don't care what color your skin is.
Obey the law and stop the frikkin rioting.

Let cops be cops and let the justice system do it's work.
If they did wrong court will decide.
Not the mob.

So cancel the riot at Chuck E. Cheese tonight. Put away your molotov cocktails and your pile of throwing bricks. There will be NO fires lit tonight.

I'm dreaming, I know.

For the morons will persist, and the other morons will let them. 


Sports legend Lou Holtz was on Fox News yesterday,
discussing (among other things) the current Covid Lockdown.

That quote pretty much sums up my  feeling.