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Saturday, October 31, 2009


We saw the frightening start to our Halloween nightmare yesterday.
Here is the exciting conclusion to BLOOD ON BLACK SATIN, by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy.

This awesome story was originally published in a two-comic set called NIGHTMARES, from Eclipse Comics in 1985. Since the MASTER OF KUNG FU series for Marvel in the 70's, Gulacy has been a favorite of mine, heavily influenced by the Steranko style of comic art.


When you run out of candy for Trick-Or-Treaters (and you will run out of candy), there's no reason to panic!
Simply click on the wonderful illustration above to maximize it, then copy it and/or print it out. Then just display this pleasant greeting for all the neighborhood to read when they come to your door.
I pretty much GUARANTEE no one will bother you (probably EVER again)!



These freakin' trick-or-treaters are REALLY PUSHY!"
Image from TWISTED TALES #1, Pacific Comics, 1982.
Art by Richard Corben (Gore)

Friday, October 30, 2009


So many creepy Halloween flavored comics to explore! In a couple of days, we'll be looking at all kinds of other genres - war, sci-fi, romance, humor,superhero, etc. - but for now let's keep digging into the fresh earth that covers these classic horror pages, and we'll unearth a few more gems! Here's a beauty by one of my favorite writer/artist teams, Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy. More on them in days to come. To explain the premise of the story, I've taken the liberty of singing the theme of the comic to you, as follows!
(kids, go ask your parents -- the rest who remember, *sing along to the tune of  'Nights In White Satin' by the Moody Blues)

* "Blood on Black Satin
yes, that's what I said,
town full of Satanist's
want to cut off your head

Some try to kill you
and your sexy girlfriend
then there's Beelzebub
and his cousin named Fred

and they'll kill youuuuuu
yes they'll kill youuuuuu, ahhhhh
ooooowwwww,  holy craaaappppp!"

*repeat verse ad nauseum

Now here is Part 1 (to be concluded tomorrow on Halloween)

End of Part 1.
Tomorrow: Part 2 - the exciting conclusion!
Don't miss it!!


"Th...there's something... in the house!"

Do you have the courage to go inside?
Amazing cover from EC's unpublished
Picto-Fiction TERROR ILLUSTRATED #3 (1956)
Click on this image to see it in it's full splendor. Art by Reed Crandall.


In honor of Halloween tomorrow, and for that extra dose of horror and sugar we all crave this time of year, I have plucked not 1, not 2, but 3 fantastic, fur-covered fright fables out of my goodie bag for you!! Hooowwwwllll you like that??!!

The first tale is from Atlas/Marvel, and features the first appearance of their most famous werewolf, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT! The second chiller is also from Marvel and shows the Werewolf character revived and in his own title. And for the finale I have saved the best for last. Also from Marvel, this is my all-time favorite werewolf story, drawn with cinematic perfection by Reed Crandall. You are in for a treat!

It was 1953. That month MARVEL TALES # 116 sported an amazing transformation cover by Joe Maneely, and the caption beneath said "WEREWOLF BY NIGHT!". Inside was a 5 page story drawn by Jack Abel that featured the cover character and the obligatory twist ending. But this was only the beginning.


Almost 20 years later Marvel resurrected the cleverly named character in Marvel Spotlight, and with a few tweaks here and there, the reborn WEREWOLF BY NIGHT had his own comic title by September, 1972. Initially drawn by Mike Ploog, soon after Atlas veteran Don Perlin would become the regular penciller until the series folded in 1977. This story is from WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #3 and includes such horrific treats as burning at the stake, flesh melting off of bones, a sword-swinging demonic dragon, and a mad Karloff-ian monk, to name a few. Art by Mike Ploog.


In 1971 a young lad went to the local drugstore and took a comic book off the rack. He then walked over to the counter, and layed down his fifteen cents for Marvel's CREATURES ON THE LOOSE #13. Within the hour his mind would be blown forever after reading a story entitled WHERE WALKS THE WEREWOLF. Reed Crandall was the artist, and what an artist! The image of Crandall's werewolf has remained burned into my psyche. I hope you're ready to be horribly delighted to death! Snaarrrll!!
I told you that was GOOD STUFF, man! Well, that's all for now, fiends!
Right now I have to go get my flea collar let out! Go bob for apples, remove the razor blades, and I'll meet you back here in a few hours! HOOOOOWWWWWWLL!!!