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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Amazing Stories, May 1952 edition
(click to enlarge)

Greetings, earthlings!
I'm celebrating my return to the current time continuum by posting this awesome painted pulp cover, and I'm looking for a few good captions.

Got a good one?
I'll bet you do!
Think up your funniest caption to the image above, and post it in the comment section below.

I'll get the ball rolling with an example:

"George was beginning to think he might not get lucky tonight after all."

See? It's easy, and I'll bet your ideas are funnier than that.
Let's see what you got!


  1. "I told you this would happen when you suggested I use that teeth whitener!"

  2. I said those chillies were hot....your clothes are falling off too!

  3. "George was told she liked hot men"

  4. "Eve showed Adam her tits, then helped herself to one of his ribs."

  5. "This is what you get when you have a bad health care insurance,you get treated like a guinea pig".Budd

  6. "Aw, quit whining! YOU'RE the one who's always wanting to get stuff of his chest!"

  7. (whoops... proof-read one sentence three times and still leave an obvious spelling mistake in there - your sidebar pic is right: comics DID rot my brain)

  8. Combining sexual harassment with high-energy physics proved especially ill-considered.

    Glad that you're still amongst the living (unless I was otherwise gonna get your stuff).

  9. "I told you to stay away from my sister!"

  10. And then she worked on his boner... um.

  11. OOHHH! Anniversery#$@$%, That is the last toaster you will ever, ever buy ME!!!!

  12. HA!!
    These are all hilarious!!
    Thanks everyone, (boyoboy, you all have some twisted senses of humor)!

    I apologize for my absence, as I have been the victim of a tragic time-travel mishap that has left me uncontrollably phasing in and out of your continuum...I am looking forward to reintegrating permanently soon, if I have any say in the matter(or anti-matter).

    Here's a couple more possible captions:

    "Felix now regretted wearing his new shirt on the blind date."

    "No one who saw Shirley's tits lived to tell about it."

    "Carol and Fred, new to the dry-cleaning business, discovered there were a few kinks to be ironed out before they could open for business next week."

    "Soylent Green is people...specifically, Joe."

    "When Judy told Phil she enjoyed serving men, he didn't understand she meant for dinner."

    "Felicia might have over-reacted just a bit when Ken accidentally tore her blouse."

    "Unfortunately for Roy, he discovered too late that Debra was the Kingpin behind this whole 'counterfeit Campbell's Tomato Soup' ring."

    " Delores panicked when she heard the key in the door. "Quick!" she screamed, "My husband's home! Get into the disintegrater beam and acid bath! Hurry!"'

    "Laura had a unique way of dealing with those obnoxious census takers."


    Got any more?

  13. Ah, Michael, now the spam-ghouls feast on your 'blog.