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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Don't let anyone tell you that comics are bad for you! Why, you can learn a lot of interesting true and historical facts from comic books! Take for example the story of Big, Bow-Legged Bill, the "rootin'est, rip-snortin'est man-critter that ever kicked up dust in the old west..."

Yup. That's right. The Panama Canal. Lurned it frum a comic book, jest like everything else!
'THE WONDERFUL BIG BILL' was taken from DEAD-EYE WESTERN COMICS # 4, 1949, and was drawn by Ed Moore. Perhaps he wrote the story as well, that information wasn't able to be located.  I don't know much about Ed Moore, but I like his style. I know I have seen his signature on one or two other stories somewhere in my comic book igloo. Yeah, I built an igloo out of comics, you got a problem with that?!  It protects me from the polar bears. So, anyway, I will prob'ly post another Moore story one of these days...

Cover to DEAD-EYE WESTERN COMICS # 4. Art by Dan Zolnerowich


  1. Ed Moore work is beautiful~ a colorist's dream come true. I dug up a few short bios when I posted a couple of his yarns over @ TCD~! I was hoping to find that he started out as an animator, but the known info doesn't dig too deep. He reminds me of current Mike Allred stuff...

  2. Ah, yes! I see it now - I missed that one before. Yes, that's another even nicer example of Moore's clean, simple, yet perfectly defined lines. Thanks for letting me know! I recommend everybody go check out your Ed Moore post at TEN CENT DREAMS!

  3. More Moore! I lost my collection of Hillman Comics two years ago in a storage space disaster, so please, whatever you got, I wanna see.

    I wrote to Ron Goulart many years ago about Ed and he sent me the most info I've ever been able to find on the guy. If I can dig up his letter, I'll scan it and send it in.